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Stop Wasting Time Writing Your Own Chemical Labels – Send HCL The SDS

Are You Still Writing Your Own Chemical Labels?

There are over 200,000 chemicals that are used in the workplace every day that OSHA and the EPA recognize as hazardous substances. Many of those chemicals are much more common than others, but what happens when you receive a new chemical at your facility?

First and foremost, the SDS needs to be stored in accordance with your written hazard communication plan. If the chemical shipment needs to be broken down into smaller secondary containers, you may not have the appropriate labels.

Instead of taking the time out of an extremely busy day to write the chemical label yourself (a process that can take hours), let HCL do the work for you! Our team of EH&S experts can develop GHS labels and have a proof ready in 1-2 business days.

All you need to do is send us the SDS and we’ll take care of the rest, at NO additional cost to you (meaning you aren’t charged any setup or development fees).

Custom Format and Internal Information

We use a digital print process at HCL Labels, and it allows us to be extremely flexible with the design and content of our labels.

So, you’ve ordered our stock labels, and maybe you would like a few changes made to the format. Sure, no problem! Need the label in multiple languages? Yes! It also might be nice if your internal EH&S phone number or manufacturer information could be included on the label. Totally. The label would certainly look nice if your company logo could be put on it somewhere. Absolutely!

The limits are endless for our custom design process. Contact an HCL Labels representative today and ask about custom formatting!

Save Time and Money with our Custom GHS Labels

Stop wasting time and money writing your own GHS chemical labels. HCL’s GHS labels are made from an extremely durable adhesive vinyl that is laminated to resist tough solvents like acetone and dichloromethane.



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