Not All Materials Are Created Equally – Continuous Testing & Improvement

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Materials Diversification and Testing

Back in August of 2018, HCL Labels acquired a brand new production printer. It’s large, it’s fancy, and it allows us to expand our production capabilities in ways that we never imagined. We are very excited to share with you all what we are working on.

Increasing our production capabilities allows us to explore and test a wide variety of diverse materials. From magnetic, to velvet polycarbonate, and a new adhesive vinyl that we are thrilled about, there is a lot we are working on.

Our Arlon DPF 8000 is a new adhesive vinyl that we are excited about, more on that one in a second. We test the flexibility, rigidity, reposition-ability, and most importantly the durability to harsh environments. Our signs and labels must stand strong against tough chemicals and solvents, sun exposure, oil spills, and other messy working conditions.


In terms of durability testing, we essentially soak the label in acetone and dichloromethane and evaluate how they hold up. Some materials need not come in contact with a solvent such as dichloromethane, but chemical labels require that durability.

In other words, if there was a Ferrari of labels our GHS chemical labels are just that.

Intensive & Advanced Features

With great production capabilities comes some new features on a variety of our products. The new materials that we are working with come with some advanced features that may go unnoticed, unless, of course, you’re reading this!

Here are some features you will be seeing on our products that are currently available, or available upon request.

  • Arlon DPF 8000 will adhere to brick, concrete, and other rough surfaces.
  • Highly visible and sharp colors for increased visibility.
  • Removable and reposition-able adhesives that don’t leave behind a sticky residue.
  • Air-regress technology that prevents air bubbles.

We’re very excited about the continuous improvement of our products, and we’re thrilled to share them with the world.



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