National Safety Month – Week 4: Driving

Drive Safe At All Times

Everyday that we get into our cars to commute to work, school, or home, we risk our lives. Automobile accidents are frequently one of the top ten causes of death on a global scale. Driving safe at all times is an absolute necessity, and should be taken seriously by any and all drivers.

Understanding and being able to utilize your vehicles safety features can help protect drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians. It is important to know how to use your vehicles safety features; however, it is vital to not rely on them. Follow these driving safety tips to practice safe driving.

  • ALWAYS Wear Your Seatbelt!
  • Use proper turn signals when appropriate.
  • Avoid impaired driving – this includes drugs, alcohol, sleep deprivation, and over-the-counter medications.
  • Put the phone down – it can wait.
  • Watch for motorcycles, bicyclists, pedestrians, and animals.
  • Use proper booster-seats for children. (For more information, visit www.healthychildren.org)
  • Make sure all occupants are properly secured.
  • Know your vehicle and practice regular maintenance habits.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Shocking Automobile Safety Statistics

We all think at some point in time that we are good drivers and that it can’t happen to us. Read through the below statistics to understand how important driving safety is.

  • Up to 94% of all automobile crashes involve human error.
  • In 2016, 48% of all motorists killed in a crash were not wearing a seatbelt.
  • 1 out of every 4 accidents in the United States involve texting while driving.
  • In 2016, over 3400 people were killed in a distracted-driving incident.
  • Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day.

National Safety Month

Week 1 – Emergency Preparedness

Week 2 – Personal & Professional Wellness

Week 3 – Fall Protection

Week 4 – Driving



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