The Essential Top 10 Labels & Signs for OSHA Safety Compliance

Here are the 10 essential signs & labels for OSHA safety compliance.

GHS Chemical Safety Labels

GHS Chemical Safety Labels are a key portion of any Hazard Communication program. These labels communicate chemical-related hazards in the workplace and provide employees with the right-to-know. Ensure your chemicals are properly labeled with HCL’s library of over 800 chemical labels.

Machine Safety Signs, Tags, & Labels

ANSI Standard Z535.5 3.9 indicates that tags are used to communicate hazards created by temporary situations such as electrical maintenance, shipment, setup, service, or repair. Properly mark your machines with safety tags & labels, such as this pinch point label.


Forklift Signs

Remind employees to stay clear of forklift operating zones. This will help prevent accidents related to forklifts in the workplace.

Confined Space Signs & Labels

Protect the workforce from hazardous confined spaces and remain compliant with OSHA and ANSI regulatory standards. Find the sign/label you need and keep your confined areas properly marked!

Silica Dust Labels

OSHA’s enforcement of silica dust has gone into effect this June, and will increase compliance expectations across all industries. Implementing a silica dust communication segment in your written HazCom program is a way to ensure proper label compliance.

Electrical Safety Labels

Arc flash hazards carry potentially destructive consequences. Because of the disastrous impact of electrical hazards, OSHA requires electrical panels to be marked with proper signs such as the following label.


Exit Route & Door Signs

OSHA requires the marking of emergency exit routes and evacuation pathways. Identify other doorways that may be confused for exit routes.

NFPA 704 Placards

Ensure your buildings, drums, trucks and any other hazardous material storage are properly labeled for emergency response personnel by using HCL’s NFPA signs and labels. These signs and labels are compliant with the NFPA 704 standard.

Hazardous Waste Labels

OSHA and other regulatory agencies require the labeling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams. Not labeling our waste containers is an easy way to receive a quick fine, so make sure your waste streams are properly labeled.

Fall Protection Signs

Fall protection is the single most common OSHA compliance violation. Protect the workforce and remain compliant by informing your workers of fall hazards, and to follow fall protection guidelines while working. Avoid harsh penalties and stay off of OSHA’s most wanted list by protecting your work facility from fall hazards, slips, and incomplete scaffolding.



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