National Safety Month – Week 3: Fall Protection & Safety

HCL’s celebration of National Safety Month continues with our new weekly discussion.

Fall Protection in the Workplace

In OSHA’s annual list of Top 10 safety violations, Fall protection (29 CFR 1926.501) is consistently number one. In 2017, there were near 7,000 fall protection violations that penalized employers.

According to NSC.org, in 2013, 595 workers tragically fell to their deaths, and 47,120 employees were severely injured from a fall. Construction workers pose the highest risk for fall-related injuries; however, falls can happen at home and at low-risk jobs.

Data from the National Safety Council categorizes fall-related injuries and deaths by industry – all data is from 2013.

  • Construction: 21,890 injuries, 302 deaths
  • Manufacturing: 21,430 injuries, 42 deaths
  • Wholesale trade: 12,640 injuries, 25 deaths
  • Retail trade: 29,690 injuries, 32 deaths
  • Transportation and Warehousing: 21,970 injuries, 35 deaths
  • Professional and business services: 19,300 injuries, 91 deaths
  • Education and health services: 47,740 injuries, 13 deaths
  • Government: 66,940 injuries, 54 deaths

Fall Protection at Home

Fall hazards are not specific to just the workplace – they are just as likely to occur on the weekend at home as they are while on the job. Work and home related fall hazards are 100% preventable. Follow the below safety tips to practice fall protection in your home.

It is especially important to practice fall prevention activities in a home with seniors, as falls are the number 1 cause of death for adults older than 65.

  • Clean up clutter, garbage, and immediately clean up spills.
  • Remove or repair tripping hazards; including but not limited too: ethernet cords, phone lines, cables, extension cords, and other electrical cords.
  • Install handrails on all stairways.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing and always wear proper footwear.
  • Maintain a well-lit home so all potential hazards can be seen.
  • Be careful when moving around hazardous objects in your home.

Falls are the most preventable hazard – take precautions to ensure your workplace and home are protected. If you follow the above safety tips, you can maintain a safe working or living environment.

Make fall safety a top priority. http://www.nsc.org. Web. https://www.nsc.org/work-safety/safety-topics/slips-trips-falls

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