Prepare Your Facility for 2019 – OSHA/GHS Compliance, Updates, & More

Is your facility prepared for 2019? Here are a few preparations to make for your work facility & written HazCom program for the New Year.

OSHA/GHS Compliance

With the now two-year OSHA-GHS alignment in motion, the expectation for HazCom compliance is increasing in 2019. OSHA inspectors will be looking for a harmony between facility hazard communication programs and chemical label consistency.

Staying on top of a written hazard communication program is necessary for employees to understand it. Here are 6 steps to follow for an effective hazard communication program in your workplace, that will help ensure HazCom label consistency.

Chemical Library Organization

Are you providing employees with the right-to-know the hazards related to chemicals in the workplace? Pertinent to a clear hazard communication program, is an organized chemical library.  When the calendar shifts to 2019, put in the time to organize your facility chemicals and ensure that they are properly labeled.

Stocking up on GHS labels will warrant an effective label program for your chemicals. Additionally, including a chemical organization plan in your written hazard communication program will assure that your employees maintain the chemical library.

Hazardous chemical identification is a factor that OSHA inspectors will look for when auditing your workplace.

Hazardous Waste Update

Federal regulation 49 CFR 172.301 requires an updated format for Hazardous Waste Marking and Communication. All hazardous waste labels at HCL have been updated per regulations for the new format. Each label must include a space for the UN number that is no smaller than 12mm. See more here.

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