Customer Reviews – Part 3

A collection of company and product reviews from our loyal HCL customer.


David from Los Angeles

“Not much that I can say other than the representative was very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. She also made sure I was happy with my order of which I was extremely happy and these labels are top notch.”


Tomas from Minnesota

“I ordered these labels for a co-worker and she is very pleased with the professional look and compliance with OSHA.”


Rachel from Wisconsin

“We had an upcoming audit from one of our customers and these labels were very noticeable in that the customer mentioned the professional look on these labels.”


Michael from Colorado

“I ordered these labels because our in-house supply vendor didn’t have these labels available. I received them in a very timely manner and they are exactly what I needed.”


Cassidy from Nevada

“Great product. It simplifies identification of small quantities of this material tremendously. This product makes identification of small amounts of material very simple. Great idea!”



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