The Urgency of GHS Hazard Communication Training

OSHA HazCom violations are on the rise, and so are the associated penalties.

While the GHS deadline has come and gone, the OSHA HazCom standard has been quite the notice to companies about their own hazard communication programs. Through September 30th, 2017, 4,176 hazard communication violations have been amassed, causing it to once again be the second most common fine.

GHS HazCom training in the workplace is key for employees to understand the OSHA regulations. Perhaps the most significant factor to the amount of HazCom violations are companies that lack a written hazard communication program to provide their employees.

OSHA does not outline how to conduct GHS training; however, it should be focused on efficacy. Employees should be able to take what they learn and apply it in the work place. The OSHA – GHS Alignment has uncovered a fundamental issue with hazard communication programs.

Employers lack the understanding of hazard communication, and do not have an effective way to communicate it to their workers. Many employers still maintain out-of-date Material-Safety-Data-Sheets (MSDS), and have not received the updated SDS version.

Workplace safety is key for employees, and the GHS HazCom standard provides them with a right-to-know of work-related chemical hazards. Hazard Communication training allows workers to communicate and understand hazard labels and markings in the event of an emergency.

OSHA HazCom violations can be as high as $12,500 per fine. Properly training the workforce to understand GHS is vital and urgent in order to keep employees safe, as well as to avoid those hefty fines.

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Read more here: https://ohsonline.com/Articles/2017/07/01/GHS-HazCom-Training-is-More-Important-Than-Ever.aspx?Page=1

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