With GHS in Full Force, Here are Six Steps for a Fundamental Hazard Communication Program.

The OSHA Hazard Communication – now in line with GHS – gives employees the right-to-know and understand chemical hazards in the workplace.

The OSHA/GHS HazCom Standard is required for employers to comply to. It provides the employees with the right-to-know and understand chemical-related hazards.

The standard sets forth a precedent to maintain proper chemical hazard labels, as well as up-to-date Safety-Data-Sheets (SDS). In order to maintain an effective HazCom program, and to not fall short when the OSHA inspectors come around, it is important to follow these six simple steps.

1.Learn OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 1910.1200. Make sure that your employees have read and understand the HazCom standard. Delegate responsibility to a department or employee to implement the HazCom program.

2. Prepare and implement a written hazard communication program. Keep a detailed written hazard communication program that highlights a chemical inventory, location and copies of every SDS, as well as a chemical label inventory.

3. Ensure each chemical container is labeled with a proper GHS compliant label. With the GHS alliance in full swing, you must ensure that each chemical container is properly labeled with the correct GHS compliant regulations.

4. Maintain your SDS library and make them readily available. Safety-Data-Sheets are required for each hazardous chemical in the workplace. They detail vital information about the health risks of each chemical.

5. Inform and train employees on hazard communication. Employers must inform and train employees on the hazards of chemicals in the workplace. Workers must be aware of protective measures.

6. Evaluate and reassess your HazCom program. Revise your hazard communication program based on changing OSHA regulations, as well as new chemicals in the workplace. OSHA requires an up-to-date HazCom program.

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