Understanding Hazard Communication Like the Pro’s – HCL’s Ongoing Effort to Promote Safety.

In order to think like the Health and Safety professionals, you need to understand a significant piece – Hazard Communication.

Also known as “HazCom”, this federally regulated standard provides workers with the right-to-know about their work facility. HazCom identifies and labels potential work-related hazards, and saves thousands of lives each year in doing so.

Work related accidents are preventable – Here is the know-how of Hazard Communication.


In HCL’s ongoing effort to support Occupational Health and Safety initiatives, we are proud to announce two new alliances.

HCL Labels are now proud members of the American Society for Safety Engineers (ASSE), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Through these Alliances with two high-level safety organizations, HCL is happy to support ongoing initiatives through the ASSE and NFPA that promote safety in the workplace.

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