Understanding Hazard Communication Like the Pro’s – HCL’s Ongoing Effort to Promote Safety.

In order to think like the Health and Safety professionals, you need to understand a significant piece – Hazard Communication.

Also known as “HazCom”, this federally regulated standard provides workers with the right-to-know about their work facility. HazCom identifies and labels potential work-related hazards, and saves thousands of lives each year in doing so.

Work related accidents are preventable – Here is the know-how of Hazard Communication.


In HCL’s ongoing effort to support Occupational Health and Safety initiatives, we are proud to announce two new alliances.

HCL Labels are now proud members of the American Society for Safety Engineers (ASSE), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Through these Alliances with two high-level safety organizations, HCL is happy to support ongoing initiatives through the ASSE and NFPA that promote safety in the workplace.

New Products to Ease Your Labeling Headache & Lower Prices on Foreign Labels!

HCL Labels is proud to announce the addition of a new product that is now featured on our website!

We specialize in GHS compliant chemical safety labels for secondary containers – What better than to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase a pre-labeled secondary container bottle?

Now introducing Pre-Labeled & Custom GHS Chemical Spray Bottles in 16oz, 24oz, and 32oz sizes. Each bottle comes with an extremely durable and adjustable sprayer, as well as a plain cap to seal the contents inside.

Secondary chemical containers are required to be labeled with a GHS/OSHA compliant chemical safety label. When chemicals are taken from the primary container from the manufacturer, and the contents are separated into smaller containers, those smaller containers are considered secondary.

HCL Labels allows you to skip the difficult organizational task of sorting and labeling chemicals. Order a pre-labeled GHS spray bottle, or provide your SDS to HCL today and keep your chemicals organized and compliant. Shop GHS Spray Bottles Here.

Lower Setup Fee on All Foreign Language Translation Fees.

HCL Labels recognizes and supports the diversity of all work environments. We are happy to translate any label of interest into the language that best fits your work facility.

All foreign language translations feature a one-time set up fee of $49 per label. This new low price is down from $125 per label! Let us know which language, and we are happy to translate the label for you!

Shop all Foreign Language GHS Chemical Labels Here.

Personalized Chemical Label Formats – GHS Compliant Safety Labels

HCL Labels is proud to work with the clientele that we do. We are happy to work with you to simplify your labeling experience.

The friendly staff at HCL Labels has created custom categories for certain clients that request it. We place our clients labels into their private category, and they are able to order them through a single link.

In addition to organizing our customers’ labels into one convenient category, we can customize just about anything to fit your needs. Do you want your company logo? You got it. Do you want to include your phone number? Check. Would you like your Internal EHS compliance hotline? Absolutely.

We will work with any of customers on custom formats and design options that better fit your needs. Contact an HCL representative today and ask us about custom GHS formatting!

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