We Help Manage the GHS Library for Hundreds of Companies – Let HCL Help with Yours!

HCL Labels assists hundreds of Fortune 500 companies in managing their GHS Chemical Label Library.

With all the work that we have put into building our extensive library of now over 800 GHS chemical safety labels, we’ve become a resource for hundreds of small, medium, and large companies.

We work with companies across a wide range of industries to simplify their labeling experience. We store internal catalogs of chemical libraries from the clients that order from us, so we can help manage their chemical label stock.

HCL Labels strives to ease your labeling headache and manage your chemical label library. Join the hundreds of other companies that allow us to manage their GHS chemical label library!

Send us your SDS’s and we’ll take are of the rest!

Do you have a chemical that isn’t in our immediate GHS chemical label library? Submit your Safety-Data-Sheet to hclco@hclco.com, and we will create the label and add it for you!

Custom labels written to your own SDS is another way that HCL Labels, Inc. assists companies with stress-free label organization. We will establish your very own private company category that holds all of the labels that you need for reorder.

Trust HCL Labels, Inc. to help maintain your GHS chemical label library!

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