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HCL Labels, Inc. is the leading source for hazard communication OSHA/GHS chemical safety labels. Offering the largest online library of ready-made safety labels that are built to adhere and resist solvents.

HCL Labels, Inc. offers the largest library of GHS Chemical Safety Labels, with over 700 ready-made options to choose from, as well as an easy custom design process at no additional cost.

Back in January, HCL Labels switched to a stronger material for our GHS chemical safety labels. In doing so, we struck a balance between how hard our customers work, and how our labels work for our customers.

We put the 3M adhesive vinyl with chemical and solvent resistant laminate through various tests, and the material stood strong against Acetone, Dichloromethane, and other tough solvents.

HCL holds ongoing material tests at our Scotts Valley office. After seven months (since the testing began) of simulating spills, drips, and even dishwasher tests, the labels look as though they were printed yesterday.

HCL Labels would like to invite our customers to push the limits of the material. We’re confident that our GHS Labels will withstand anything you put them through.


These OSHA Safety Labels are really sticky!

One test in particular that highlights the quality of our product is the dishwasher test. We’ve washed secondary chemical containers in regular and commercial dishwashers with our GHS Labels still on them. After each wash, the labels came out unaffected.

This extreme durability proves that our labels work as hard as our customers do. The 3M adhesive vinyl with laminate holds against solvents that melt most materials.

We’re confident that our GHS Labels will last through the harsh work conditions you put them through.

Go ahead–test it. We’d love to hear your experience with pushing the limits of our durability.

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