Testing GHS Materials – How We Achieved Our Library of Ready-Made Labels

This is the story of how HCL created our extensive library of ready-made GHS Labels.

Back in January, HCL spent a lot of time testing new materials for our GHS chemical safety labels. We received mass amounts of customer feedback on our old material, and they had problems adhering to certain secondary containers.

We listened to our customers, and we started searching and testing new materials. We experimented with various materials and laminates, but none of them seemed to be resistant to tough solvents.

That’s when we looked into 3M adhesive vinyl. It adhered perfectly, and after lamination it stood against nasty solvents like acetone and dichloromethane. Chemical spills, drips, and sprays couldn’t tear down this material. Ultimately, the 3M vinyl is what HCL chose as our new material.

In January, we filled secondary container bottles with various chemicals: methanol, dichloromethane, hexane, acetontrille, and ethyl acetonrille. We tested these labels by simulating work environments for these bottle types. Nearly six months and multiple experiments later, the labels held up with no damage and are still in our testing area. 


The process of building a library of over 750 ready-made and in-stock GHS chemical labels had begun. We made a business decision at HCL to simplify the experience for our hardworking customers.

We are proud to say that our GHS labels ship same-day, in most cases. We offer the largest online library of ready-made GHS chemical labels. Our product line became simple; a solution that makes labeling easier for our customer.

After nearly six months of using our new high quality material, and many positive customer reviews later, HCL is sitting proud with our extensive library of hazard communication labels.

HCL’s library of GHS chemical labels is a simple solution to your complicated labeling process. Our precision digital printers create a superior product that is durable, resistant, and long lasting.

Our GHS Labels aren’t just stickers, they’re a convenient “grab’n go” solution to labeling your facility chemicals.

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