Stay Off Of OSHA’s Most Wanted List – Hazard Communication Labeling

Hazard Communication Label penalties are the #2 most common OSHA violation, trailing only behind fall protection. 

Keeping on top of your work facilities hazard communication compliance program can go a long way in terms of avoiding some harsh monetary fines and potential issues with brand image. 

OSHA’s hazard communication standard (1910.1200) ensures safety in the workplace by providing detailed information about the identities and hazards of chemicals, machines, vehicles, and other work-related tools. 

In 2016, the most commonly cited hazard communication violation was the lack of a hazcom program in the workplace (Musick 2016). Companies are required to maintain an up-to-date hazard communication program in order to avoid the potential $12,600 fine, per violation.

In order to ensure if your work place is hazcom compliant, make sure that you have a hazard communication initiative. Check out HCL’s Workplace Safety Signs and Labels page to outfit your facility with safety signs and labels. 

OSHA inspectors will examine your entire work facility, including any chemicals and hazardous waste that you have around and must dispose of. HCL’s GHS chemical label and waste label page will have all of the necessary labels for your workplace chemicals and waste. 

Encourage your management to implement a hazard communication program at your work environment if one does not exist. Properly label chemicals, waste, and other work-related hazards in order to stay off of OSHA’s most wanted list. 

The OSHA hazcom standard gives workers the right to understand their work atmosphere and the hazards associated with it. Avoid some hefty compliance fines today and trust HCL Labels to help you comply. 

Comply Today!


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