Electrical Safety Tips: Home Environment

May 2017 is national electrical safety month, and HCL wants to remind our customers how to prevent electrical accidents at home. 

Electricity is a force we have all grown to depend on. It runs through our homes, our workplace, and even our pockets. There are some things to look out for at home in order to prevent accidents and electrical fires. Follow these tips at home to keep you and your family safe.

  1. Never throw water on an electrical fire. Water and electricity don’t necessarily go well together. Since water conducts electricity, throwing water on an electrical fire will only spread the fire. In order to put out an electrical fire, only use chemical fire extinguishers. 
  2. Worn and torn electrical cords. The best practice to avoid this kind of instance is to completely replace the cord. The cost to replace the cord is a lot less than the cost of an electrical fire. If a cord can’t be replaced, you can repair it with black electrical tape. 
  3. Maintain outlet receptacles. If an outlet face is missing or broken, take the time to replace it. Electrical outlets exposed to the environment cause a risk of sparking. 
  4. Understand your breaker. Understand what your breaker is trying to tell you, and make sure its components are up-to-date. If your breaker is easily tripped, or you often have to reset it, it may signal a serious electrical problem.
  5. Understand out-of-date components. If you have an older microwave, breaker, oven, or smoke alarm, take the time to understand how it works. Older electrical components can cause flickering or sparking if not correctly maintained. 
  6. If you’re not sure, have a professional look at it. When it comes to electrical safety, it’s never a good idea to tackle something that you’re not sure how to handle. Call a professional and licensed electrician to examine your home for electrical hazards.

Stay safe!

-HCL Labels, Inc. 


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