May 2017 is National Electrical Safety Month

The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) has declared May 2017 as National Electrical Safety Month.

We at HCL Labels want to encourage not just environmental health and safety, but best practices that will keep you, our hardworking customer, safe from house, school, or workplace related hazards. That’s why HCL Labels will promote the theme laid forth by the ESFI and will reassure electrical safety. 

Throughout the Month, HCL Labels, Inc. will share information across social media platforms related to electrical safety in order to raise awareness about electrical hazards. 

In every package going out this month, we will include a free “Danger: Electrical Hazard” label (pictured below). Our hope is that you will use the hazard communication label to indicate an electrical hazard that may cause injury, fires, or death to employees. 

The ESFI is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting electrical safety. HCL Labels wants to inspire electrical safety awareness in our customers, and is committed to protecting your workforce!

For more information regarding the ESFI’s May 2017 safety month, please visit the link here


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