A Collection of Customer Reviews

Our loyal HCL customers have a lot to say about us!

  • Jeff from Iowa

“One day after purchase, I went to review the order in hopes of a tracking number and BAM! It was there. Awesome! After reviewing the tracking information, it arrived on-time and with extra items which was a nice surprise. Your company is doing a wonderful job at taking the customer’s expectations and exceeding them.”

  • Neil from California

“I was needing a label for a specific hydraulic oil, your agent quickly got me a quote for the size I needed, but suggested an alternate that worked for a much better price. They were delivered quickly and helped us pass an important audit.”

  • Trinity from Texas

“We place these labels above laboratory sinks to remind lab workers not to pour hazardous materials into the sewer system. The quality of the materials is above my expectations, the adhesive and lamination can tolerate steam, detergent splashes and wet conditions. The labels are good reminders to keep our industrial wastewater permit limits in full compliance.”

  • Jose from California

“We were able to place the labels before the inspector arrived. The labels are highly visible and are essential to help us avoid potential wastewater discharge penalties.They were in place before the inspector performed the site visit to review our industrial wastewater discharge process.”

  • Krishna from Washington

“The quality of the product is excellent, our custom labels work very well. The customer service I received was friendly, knowledgeable and quick.”

*Customer names and locations have been changed to protect the identity of the individual customers.

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