About Our Materials

Occasionally we get customers who want to know why we use different materials for different labels and what the difference is between them.

HCL offers a variety of materials that customers can choose from: Vinyl, Tyvek and paper are our most common printing materials.

To determine which material is right for you, consider what you will be using the label for, where the label will be placed and what conditions the label will endure throughout its use.  

Vinyl is the most popular material we sell. Our GHS labels are printed on vinyl because vinyl offers all the properties needed to make a long-lasting, high quality label. Vinyl is highly tear resistant and easily malleable to conform perfectly to the product you wish to adhere it too. Vinyl is also chemical and weather resistant. The diversity this material offers makes it idea for labels in everyday use.

Paper labels are popular for labeling materials that will not be exposed to heavy usage and chemicals that can diminish the quality of the label. If you are in need of labels for short term usage like on a box that will be recycled after one-time use, paper material is the way to go. Paper is also easily written on and holds ink well. If you’re needing to write on your labels then this may be the best choice for you.

Tyvek is the premier material for write-in hazardous waste labels. This is because Tyvek is extremely durable and can endure the toughest conditions. Tyvek is made from high density polyethylene fibers which create a tear proof material and make it resistant to moisture, puncture and is even unaffected by majority of chemicals. Although Tyvek is highly durable, it offers a great surface for writing on and holds ink well, making it ideal for our HazWaste labels.

No matter the material you choose, all of HCL’s labels are of the highest quality.
If you ever have questions regarding our materials, please feel free to shoot us an email at hclco@hclco.com.

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